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How SellCheck® Works

Using an easy 3-step process, SellCheck® evaluates your creative to increase effectiveness and improve the shopper experience, all while increasing conversion.

Step 1

Choose your creative

From in-store to digital, packaging to billboards, SellCheck® can test any communication material.

Online, Print, Out of House, In Store, Packaging

Step 2

Submit your request

Fill out a simple online form & attach an image of the creative. That’s it! The entire process takes about 3-5 minutes.

Attach a file and Submit

Step 3

SellCheck it®

The SellCheck® Formula to drive effective in-store & digital creative consists of 3 key components:

  • 4 C's check graphic

    4C’s Behavioral Science

    Calibrated evaluation & scoring criteria rooted in behavioral science:

    Command Attention
    Connect with End User
    Convey Information
    Close the Sale

  • VAS icon

    VAS Neuroscience Heatmapping

    We partner with 3M to use Visual Attention Service (VAS). VAS predicts which aspects of your creative are more likely to grab attention upon the first viewing.

  • Expert marketing panel icon

    Expert Marketing Panel

    Industry leaders with 15yrs+ experience, trained in the 4C’s and behavioral science.

Results & Recommendations
in Only 2 Business Days

Your in-depth 8 page report includes an analysis based on the SellCheck® Formula, a total score & expert recommendations.

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SellCheck® Pays for Itself 5 Times Over, Guaranteed.

Contact SellCheck® for a free demo and to learn more about our pilot program.

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