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Put Your Money Where Their Mouse Is

SellCheck® Digital Shelf optimizes your product detail pages to increase sales.

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Focus on What Really Matters.

Unlike other assessment tools, SellCheck Digital Shelf is rooted in behavioral science and neuroscience technology. Our e-commerce panelist thoroughly assesses your Product Detail Pages (PDP) and provides actionable feedback.

In addition, we can create content that’s optimized for Amazon and all key retailers.

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Having the right eContent ensures that you address your shopper at all points along their journey and meet their specific needs.

  • 91%

    of shoppers research products online prior to purchasing*

  • 70%

    of shoppers use a mobile device in-store to browse product information*

  • 60%

    check prices on Amazon before buying in store**

We’ve helped brands like these and more optimize their Digital Shelf content to drive increased conversions.

Our proprietary assessment criteria is the most critical in the industry.

It is designed to increase conversion by focusing on the intersection of the shopper mindset and retailer algorithms.

  • Meeting Standards

    • Image Resolutions
    • Character Counts
    • Word Counts
    • Image & Video Counts
    • Enhanced Content Present
  • Retailer Algorithms

    • Keywords
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Platforms & Nuances
  • Shopper Mindset

    • Behavioral Science
    • Moving Beyond Brand
    • Shopper Journey
    • Purchase Barriers
    • Mobile vs. Desktop UX

Transform “Healthy Content into Effective Content

Assessment Summary
First, our e-Commerce Panelists harnesses the power of SellCheck to conduct a thorough and competitive assessment of your Digital Shelf.

Next, we provide actionable feedback to improve each element of your page.


Creative Optimization
From there, our team can provide an additional scope of work to develop content and visuals for all Digital Shelf content.

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Results & Recommendations
in Only 5 Business Days

Your in-depth 20 page report includes an analysis based on the SellCheck Formula, a total score & expert recommendations.

We optimize not just for Amazon, but for all key retailers.

Don’t see an eRetailer of interest? We can onboard any Global Retailer specific to your brand needs.

Add on to your SellCheck Digital Shelf solution:

  • eContent
    Develop new PDP or optimize existing content to better align with the shopper mindset and drive increased conversion.

  • eCommerce Training
    Customized training for your brand based on industry best practices for content/keywords, process, platform, and retail locations.

  • Syndication
    Push content to retailers, update seasonally and confirm live display.

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