Walmart Elevated Their eCommerce Experience: Here’s How Your Brand can Benefit


Walmart has responded to the eCommerce climate with recent changes in their website features. These changes are aligned with the rapid evolution of the eCommerce space and shopper desire for elevated digital experiences.

All brands should take advantage of Walmart’s eCommerce features to stay competitive in their respective categories.


Walmart’s New Features & Why they Matter

1. Brand Pages

Walmart is joining the ranks of Amazon by allowing brands to have unique pages on their website.

This means you can better showcase products, offer promotions, and display marketing assets. This tool also allows brands to deepen connections with their customers. Rather than shopping at Walmart, customers can attribute their shopping experience to your brand.

Pro Tip: Brand pages are more than just a one-stop shop for your products. Take advantage of this tool to sell your products and tell a story.

2. Enhanced Content

Utilizing dynamic media elements makes for a more engaging shopper experience. With all the noise it is essential to capture attention as soon as the customer clicks on your page. Beyond using multimedia to grab eyes, they can be a tool to showcase products and convey information more simply.

Pro Tip: Have fun with it! Multimedia elements present opportunities to showcase your brand’s personality. Visuals can be as effective for brand perception as they are for eCommerce experiences.

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3. Drone Delivery

Walmart is implementing drones for faster deliveries.


Walmart drone delivery offered in select states


The digital shopping experience doesn’t end when the customer submits their order. Efficient delivery is a crucial element in creating repeat customers. Walmart has become the fastest-growing drone delivery retailer in the United States. While it is only available in select areas, the push toward autonomous delivery will likely be a trend in the coming years.

Pro Tip: Consider optimizing the digital shopper’s experience beyond your eCommerce destination. Further, capitalize on this advantage by featuring the service on your page or at check out.


What does this mean for the future of eCommerce?

The eCommerce world is highly competitive in 2024 and will likely continue to expand rapidly. Advancements are driven by the customers’ desire to have an in-store experience at home. These features mimic the sensory experience and immediate gratification found when shopping in-person.

This doesn’t mean in-store strategies suffer. Brands should look at eCommerce advancements to create harmonized approaches and advance shopper experiences across modalities.


Bottom Line

Traditional eCommerce strategies are not enough to stay competitive in 2024. By 2026 24% of retail purchases are expected to be made online.

Fortunately, retailers like Walmart are creating powerful tools for brands to optimize experiences. Take advantage of these tools and invest in your eCommerce strategy to stay competitive.



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