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SECU is changing the way their loans work. Rather than a standard rate applied to all members, the new rate will be determined based on certain credit risk factors. Changes like this are relevant to SECU’ s member base and need to be communicated in an effective way.

However, SECU’ s historically limited marketing spend means no benchmarks and no historical insights to apply to new initiatives. For instance, SECU has never sent marketing emails to clients or potential clients. They ’ ve had no opportunities to learn what works and what doesn ’t when communicating changes like the one their loans are undergoing.


RAZR received the existing materials from SECU’ s newly developed campaign speaking about the updated loan process. We ran a tri-fold brochure (their most content heavy piece) through our SellCheck assessment to determine how the piece would perform and where potential improvements exist from a behavioral-science perspective. This ensured this particular tactic would have an impact on members, despite no previous data on what compels or resonates with them.

Optimizing Creative for Greater Impact

The assessment revealed several opportunities within the brochure to boost ROI, and implementing these recommendations allowed RAZR to deliver an optimized piece for SECU’ s nascent outreach efforts.

Creative that has been optimized

Finished Brochure

SECU brochure


SECU considered the end result to be such a stark improvement that further A/B testing was halted entirely. No need to compare old versions and new versions — they had their winner. Following this, the entire aforementioned process was detailed and presented at The Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas.

The before and after transformation on this piece was amazing! We are so excited to launch this loan campaign and KNOW it will work.

— Amy Tharrington – SVP, SECU Marketing
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